Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Why I Keep Setting Myself Up for Heartache

The life of an animal rescue volunteer is often a thankless one.  We animal people tend to be sentimental and emotional.  We have differences of opinions.  We are labeled "crazy", "fanatics", and "nuts".  We spend our last dollar on gas to take an animal to a new home.  We share the last of our dog food with the stray that was just dropped off in our yard.  We lose sleep, time, money, and sanity.  We don't do what we do for appreciation or recognition.  We do it for the animals.  And stories like this one is what makes it all worthwhile.  It is why we keep doing what we do.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Going to the Dogs

I have been busy planning details of the Brookhaven Animal Rescue League's upcoming BARKFEST event, and I'm loving every minute of it.  This is our third year to host BARKFEST and it just keeps growing every year.  This year we will have my buddy, Percy King, join us with his amazing animals, The Transformer's Car Club of MS, Stone Water will perform, the Brookminster Dog Show, and Brookhaven Idol Talent Competition.  Add food, jump houses, kid and dog games, and a COLOR RUN and we're sure to have a successful day!!  If any of you folks are local, please come out to support the animals of BARL.  All monies raised from this event will directly benefit the animals in our care.

At one of our planning meetings last month, I mentioned to a fellow volunteer that we were hoping to add a small dog to our family.  I wanted something that was more compact than a Golden Retriever but was going to be very picky about what we brought home.  A couple of weeks passed and I got an email from her saying that they'd found a pup dumped on the side of the road.  She asked if we were still interested and wanted to meet her.  From her picture, she did not fit the idea of what I'd envisioned, but my hubby prompted me to meet her anyway.  I am so glad he did.  We brought her home, cleaned her up, and her personality has done a 180.  She went from meek and reserved to sassy, bossy, and full of herself.  I'm blessed to have an office job that allows her to come to work with me.  This gives her the advantage of meeting new people daily.  Hopefully within six months or so we can do TDI testing and have her certified as a therapy dog.

She will also serve as a  "BARL mascot".  I want her to accompany me to BARL events to show the quality of dog that you can adopt from a shelter.  My kids are working with me to teach her tricks for her outings which will be sure to impress anyone.

Taffy has quickly adjusted to life with The Love Shack Pack.  Boondocks went with us to meet her and approved.  Angel and Krypto appreciate that she is close in age to them and treat her like the long lost play toy they'd always hoped for!  The kids adore her.  And I'm just happy to have a dog small enough to go to the office with me!

Welcome home, Taffy!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


My, my!  How time flies when you're having fun!

Yep, my beautiful Boonie boy turns three today.

I remember the rapid snowball effect that took place on the day we brought him home like it was yesterday.  I leashed up my sons dog to go for a walk when my son stopped me to inform me that Cosmo was his and to be walked by him only.  (He was eight at the time.  I let the sass slide.)  So it was made known to me that I needed a dog of my own.  

I wouldn't settle for just any dog though.  Naturally I had to have a Golden Retriever, but I really wanted a light, light, light cream colored one.  I quickly googled Golden Retrievers not really expecting to find anything, but lo and behold, it was a Golden Miracle.

No, seriously!  Golden Miracles had one precious, creamy, bundle of perfection left.  We left the house within a half hour of the time my google search began.  Two hours later, he was all mine.

And three years later... he would quickly tell you that I am all his.  Boondocks is very possessive of his mommy.  If I hug a child, he slips between us and nudges them away.  If one of our other dogs attempt to come near me, they are met with a growl.  He stops when scolded but still makes his contempt well known.  And how dare the cat lay in my lap.  She is nosed off until she slaps him silly and brings him back down to earth.

I had dreamed that Boondocks would have a wonderful career as a therapy dog.  And he does.  He brings me all the personal therapy I could ever need.  I love my Boondocks!!!    Happy Birthday, Good Boy!!